Exercise classes for seniors near me?

Are you looking for exercise classes for seniors in Ettalong Beach? Pilates on the Coast, Pilates studio is located a short drive from Ettalong Beach in Erina. If you are looking for an Ettalong Beach seniors exercise class, we can help! We offer online mat classes as well as in-studio reformer classes suitable for seniors.

What are the best exercises for an over 60-year-old?

Exercise is an essential part in maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing, and as we age, our requirements are ever changing. Staying healthy and participating in physical activity is important for maintaining health, lowering the risk of diseases and preventing injuries. Pilates exercise classes for seniors is an excellent form of physical activity because it helps keep your muscles strong and joints flexible without the stress of higher-impact exercises.

Is Pilates a good workout for seniors?

Many Ettalong Beach members ask us if seniors can do Pilates? The answer is yes! Pilates is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. Pilates helps improve balance, strength and flexibility. It has also been shown to promote self-reliance & independency, improve brain function, increase energy and enhance mood.

How many times a week should a 60-year-old work out?

It is recommended that 60-year-olds participate in strength training, such as Pilates, at least twice a week. One of the reasons why Pilates is an excellent exercise option is because you don’t have to commit to an hour-long session every day to see the benefits; you’ll see improvements by doing just 15-20 minutes a couple of times per week.

What sets Pilates on the Coast apart from other Ettalong Beach NSW Pilates studios?

Pilates on the Coast helps our Ettalong Beach clients stay motivated and engaged with regular fitness assessments. We care about your fitness goals and design a program that is suitable to your lifestyle. Ettalong Beach members are given full access to our Pilates studio, including the reformer machines & livestreaming sessions. Online Pilates classes provide more value than simply watching Pilates videos at home and exercising without professional guidance. Led by a certified Pilates instructor you’ll be provided with real time feedback, kept fully engaged and stopped from zoning out. Pilates on the Coast virtual Pilates classes offers a safe and effective workout at home for all ages, without the need for any special equipment.



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  • One-month Expiry
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  • One-month Expiry
  • 1 class per week
  • $55 per month


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  • One-month Expiry
  • 2 class per week
  • $100 per month



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  • One-month Expiry
  • Unlimited classes
  • $150 per month


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