Reformer Pilates studio near me?

Are you wanting to improve your athletic performance? A growing trend among athletes is the incorporation of reformer Pilates into their training program. Reformer Pilates is utilised in many AFL, NRL and basketball clubs, as well as by surfing legends Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore. Pilates on the Coast Pilates studio is conveniently located near Terrigal in Erina. So, if you are looking for a Terrigal reformer Pilates studio to help you improve your sport performance, we can help!

Meet Pilates on the Coast professional Pilates instructors

Hi, I’m Vanessa

Vanessa started her career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Brazil after graduating with a Bachelor in Physical Education and Sports Science. She has been teaching Pilates for 10 years and has experience in physical therapy training. Vanessa is a strong believer in mindfulness and the idea of using controlled and smooth body movements in conjunction with proper therapy techniques to help those suffering from sports injuries.

The benefits of Pilates for sports injury rehabilitation.

Athletes across a wide variety of sports use Pilates for not only injury rehab but also for injury prevention. Pilates helps strengthen and train muscles too function optimally and become resilient to injury. The combination of low-impact movements and core exercises creates the perfect physical rehabilitation program to help you recover quickly. By considering the body as a whole rather than only focusing on the area that is injured. Pilates helps your body realign and regain strength while increasing body awareness.

Reformer Pilates classes at Pilates on the Coast

Pilates on the Coast offers Terrigal members reformer Pilates in a private, duo and semi-private class format.  A class format with less than four people allows the instructor to tailor each session to the client’s needs and provide constructive feedback. Through a personalised Pilates program, you will increase flexibility, strengthen your core, improve mental focus, improve muscle power and improve balance – all of which are important for improving your athletic performance in any sport!

Private Classes

Personally tailored to your needs, utilising all forms of Pilates including reformer Pilates and mat-based workouts.

Semi-Private Classes

Offering many of the benefits of private classes but your joined by three other students. A cost-saver & more fun! You will have full access to all our equipment, including the Reformer and Cadillac machines.

Duo Classes

One on one classes for a high level of detail and a personalised, intensive workout



per class
  • Three-month Expiry
  • 15% Discount
  • Pay in class/via app


per class
  • Three-month Expiry
  • 15% Discount
  • Pay in class/via app


per class
  • Three-month Expiry
  • 15% Discount
  • Pay in class/via app


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